Video Tour - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Video Tour

“Students who will thrive at IMSA follow what we call the growth mindset. They are enticed by challenges. They’re willing to step outside of their comfort zone.”

“IMSA fosters our students’ love of learning with the goal to develop them into critical, analytical and creative thinkers in all academic disciplines.”

“IMSA strives to be on the cutting edge of innovation and entrepreneurship and we offer a broad spectrum of activities for this interest.”

“Living at IMSA isn’t just about school. It’s about fun, too. Residential counselors take students off campus to the movies, the mall, comedy shows and laser tagging.”

“Coming to IMSA, students have various resources at their fingertips, from Sophomore Navigation, which helps to prepare them for not only the IMSA classroom but also residential life, to the Writing Center, peer tutors, and study skills specialists.”

“Students at IMSA are able to participate in a wide range of activities and clubs – we incorporate the whole person attitude into the education we offer here.”

“Our curriculum prepares students for college and beyond; it provides the skills to take on advanced course content, technical skills for the lab and IMSA grads stand out compared to their classmates.”

“One of the most important days of my life was the day I showed up at IMSA and realized that I wasn’t the smartest kid in school any more. It made me realize that I had to find other things I’m good at, rather than just being good in the classroom.”

“I don’t know where I’m going to be in 10 years but I know that because I came to IMSA, I’m going to be a more mature and ready person. I’m going to be prepared for challenges.”

“I would recommend IMSA to anyone who is passionate about learning, whether it be math and science or the fine arts; because here you have teachers who are accessible outside of the classroom, so if your passion isn’t taught in a formal class, you can do an independent study or research your interest through SIR.”

“I knew that coming to IMSA would not only help me figure out what I want to do in the future, but prepare me for that future as well.”

“Ultimately, it’s up to IMSA students to define the process by which they learn. How they choose to grow. What topics they choose to engage in.”

“The PROMISE Programs prepare students for the Academy by providing an opportunity to see the life of an IMSA student before or during application to IMSA. They work with IMSA faculty, staff and students as tutors and mentors.”