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To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.


Science at IMSA

The purpose of the Science Program of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy® is to provide a  a personalized, competency-driven, inquiry-based, problem-centered, and integrative learning environment which promotes scientific habits of mind and gives students a firm knowledge base in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. 

 The essence of a scientific mind is to make sense of the universe through collected data, observations, and integrative reasoning.  Processes that unify the science program pertain to the development of skills to gather, integrate, and understand information about profound questions.  The science program aims to immerse students in inquiry, beginning with more teacher directed activities in class and progressing to student driven inquiry which often culminates in SIR or independent study work. 

 Personalization in the science program is reflected in both teachers' one on one work with students outside of class, as well as in the choices presented to students as they develop their course of study.  After completing the cores science classes, which include Scientific Inquiries in Chemistry, Scientific Inquiries in Biology, Scientific Inquiries in Physics, and Methods in Scientific Inquiry, students are allowed to chose from a large number of electives in each study area to complete their graduation requirements.  The core science classes are taken during students' sophomore year, but a student may take, for example, Organic Chemistry and Modern Physics, or Microbes and Disease and Advanced Chemistry as their sciences junior or senior year.





IMSA science faculty members have diverse backgrounds and experiences that enrich their work with students.  Whether they are from industry or academia, they have an in depth knowledge of and passion for their fields.   Science faculty's work is not limited to the classroom, though.  Members are involved in every aspect of IMSA.  They serve on strategic planning committees, chair and sponsor extracurricular activities, mentor research students, and much more.  The science team is also active in educational research, consistently collecting data to evaluate and improve their practice on campus, and often sharing results externally to help others as well.

Science faculty members have been recognized internally for their contributions to IMSA, as well as externally for their advancement of science teaching.  In the past two years, 3 science faculty members have earned awards for teaching from the Illinois Science Teacher Association. 

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As a teaching and learning "laboratory" IMSA science faculty work to take the advancements and progress they have made at IMSA to teachers and students around the state of Illinois and beyond.  Science faculty members are active participants in ISTA, work with programs like Golden Apple, and host an annual professional development workshop at the IMSA campus.

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