Mr. Ignacio Rodriguez Montero – Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Mr. Ignacio Rodriguez Montero

World Languages Faculty


Mr. Ignacio Rodriguez, known as Iñaki Rodriguez, has been a member of the IMSA faculty since August 2022.  Iñaki has 11 years of experience in Spain teaching Math, Social Studies and Computer Science. He also has 3 years experience teaching Spanish as a second language in the US. This has allowed him to hone his language skills and pedagogical techniques, particularly in terms of understanding the unique challenges that students face when learning a new language. He has developed an understanding of the different learning styles and cultural backgrounds of his students, which can be a valuable asset in any teaching context. He is a versatile and experienced teacher with a diverse skill set. He holds a Master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid, Spain. Iñaki also holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from CSEU La Salle, Madrid, Spain and a degree in Computer Programming. Overall, he has developed a range of strategies to engage and motivate students, and a wealth of knowledge that he can draw on to help them succeed in their learning journeys.


Phone: x5884