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Outcomes of Student Inquiry and Research

External Achievements: Science Talent Search Competition Awards

The Science Talent Search competition is among the most distinguished science competitions to which IMSA Student Inquiry and Research Projects are submitted.

Science Service Official LogoUnder the aspices of the Science Service nonprofit organization, Science Talent Search (STS) is America's oldest and most highly regarded pre-college science competition. Eligible students are high school seniors in the United States and territories, and American high school seniors attending school abroad. Each year, over 1500 students enter the STS contest to compete for 40 cash prizes, with the first place winner receiving a $100,000 scholarship.

Formerly known as the "Westinghouse" Science Talent Search and sponsored by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation until 1998 when corporate sponsorship was assumed by the Intel Corporation, the competition is now called the "Intel" Science Talent Search. The Science Talent Search contest is distinct from the Siemens-Westinghouse Math, Science, and Technology Competition that was inaugurated in 1998.

IMSA Students have achieved much success over the years in the Science Talent Search competitions. A partial list of students earning this recognition includes::

Intel Science Talent Search Logo

2009-2010 Semi-finalists (Intel sponsored)

  • Irene Chen
  • Bonny Jain
  • Vladislav Kontevoi
  • Anusha Kumar

2008-2009 Semi-finalists (Intel sponsored)

  • Jenny Shao
  • Eric Shyu

2007-2008 Semi-finalists (Intel sponsored)

  • Steve Cai
  • Zexi J. Fang
  • Jagannath (Sam) Nayak
  • Emily Zhaao
  • Lilly Zhu

2006-2007 Semi-finalists (Intel sponsored)

  • Chaoran (Rachel) Chen
  • Susan Dittmer
  • Mahesh Vidula
  • Nora Xu (also a Finalist)
  • Lilly Zhu

2004-2005 Semi-finalists (Intel sponsored)

  • Rohan Bhobe
  • Timothy Credo (also a Finalist and placed 2nd in National Competition)
  • Vijay Govind-Thomas
  • Abhi Gulati (also a Finalist)
  • Lyra Haas (also a Finalist and placed 6th in National Competition)
  • Andrew Keller

2003-2004 Semi-finalists (Intel sponsored)

  • Peter Wang
  • Bobby Xu

2001-2002 Semi-finalists (Intel sponsored)

  • Zhihao Liu
  • Grace Woo
  • Kevin Yang (also a Finalist)

2000-2001 Semi-finalist (Intel sponsored)

  • Christina Tsai

1999-2000 Semi-finalist (Intel sponsored)

  • Jason Chang

1998-1999 Semi-finalist (Intel sponsored)

  • Keith Winstein (also a Finalist and placed 3rd in National Competition)

1997-1998 Semi-finalist (Westinghouse sponsored)

  • Travis Schedler (also a Finalist and placed 5th in National Competition)

1992-1993 Semi-finalist (Westinghouse sponsored)

  • Elizabeth Pine (also a Finalist and placed 1st in National Competition)

1989-1990 Semi-finalist (Westinghouse sponsored)

  • Mehmet Guler S.
  • Rowan Lockwood (also a Finalist)