One-to-One Computing

One-to-One Computing Initiative Technical Support Program

The IMSA student is a unique computer user. IMSA students place a high demand on their computing device, most use their computer more than a professional working adult. This demonstrates the need for a high quality, well-built laptop for an IMSA student. All students entering IMSA must have a computing device that meets specific minimum specifications, which are listed below. It will be the student’s and their families responsibility to maintain this computer. Loaner computers are available for students/families with financial difficulties, see the Scholarship Loaner Program information below.

Note: Historically IMSA has provided access to a high quality, lower cost computer package deal. Demand for this has been declining steadily over the past few years so we have discontinued this program. However our provider may still be able to offer similar savings and can be contacted at Dell.

Minimum Specifications

Class of 2024 Required Laptop Computer Specifications (PDF File) – DETAILS, Recommended Read

The Computer Science classes use all public domain software that is written for PCs, then converted to Mac OS. This puts students with Macintosh OS computers at a disadvantage for software reliability and functionality. For their time at IMSA, we highly recommend you buy your student a Windows laptop.

  • Operating System: Windows 10
    • Macintosh OS is not recommended
    • Linux OS is not recommended
    • Chromebooks are not supported
  • Intel i5 CPU or equivalent AMD processor
  • Minimum of 8GB of main memory
  • Minimum of 256GB SSD (Hard Drive) Drive
  • Wired (LAN) Ethernet Connection – Optional, but recommended
  • Intel Wireless Network (Intel 7260AN) or equivalent, NOTE: Intel wireless cards work the best in the IMSA buildings, other brands have had issues
  • Webcam – Required to support eLearning as necessary
  • Multiple (3) USB (2.0, 3.0) Ports, used for connecting various scientific or video equipment
  • Bluetooth (4.0), used for connecting various scientific equipment like robots
Microsoft Office 2016/365 Requirement

All families need to obtain and install a copy of Microsoft Office 2016/365 (Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word) 

Special Pricing

Recommend you order/obtain your laptop computer so that you have it before the start of the school year. Orders placed via Connections or Dell may take a couple of weeks for the product to arrive.

One of IMSA’s vendors has offered to provide IMSA families and staff computers from multiple manufactures that meet the minimum recommended specifications listed above. 

  • Purchasing Web Site: Dell
    • Member ID: GS748151
Additional Software Installs

IMSA students will need additional software installed on their computers depending on the courses they have selected. Below is a list of the software that may be required. Some of this software is free (open source) and other software is provided as a part of IMSA’s site license agreements. When the student registers their computer on our network during move-in week they will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to install this software. Some of this software is available via the Internet and can be installed beforehand.

Software Name
Installation Information
Adobe Reader Recommended
Audacity with LAME Module Recommended
BlueJ Computer Science
Eclipse Computer Science
PDF Creator Recommended
Peanut On Campus Only Math
Python Computer Science
Wolfram Mathematica On Campus Only Math/Science
WAMP Server Computer Science

Scholarship Loaner Program

If you wish to request a Scholarship Loaner Computer please contact the Information Technology Services (ITS) at or 630.907.5198. Include in your e-mail:

  • Student’s Full Name
  • Class Year (2021, 2022, 2023, etc.)
  • Parent/Guardian’s Full Name

The ITS will inform you of the process for requesting and receiving the scholarship award. Scholarship loaners are awarded for all three years of a student’s IMSA career.