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Academic Support Services


Main Telephone Number 630-907-5000

College & Academic Counselors (CAC)

The CACs collaborate in the development and delivery of college application materials, financial aid, college admission testing, as well as all course selection and scheduling processes, academic counseling and intervention programs. CACs also serve on a support team with other academic, residential, and student life members.

Room Number: A102   

Academic Support

Learning Strategies Coordinator

Academic support for students through design of individual and group interventions and workshops.  

Location: A109 – Writing Center

Amy Keck                                          630-907-5971          


  • Serve as Case Manager on behalf of sophomores
  • Teach students strategies to succeed academically in both one-on-one and group settings
  • Meet weekly with a select group of students who are at-risk, struggling, or as noted in Education Plans
  • Assist students in the transition to a profoundly different learning environment
  • Collaborate with CAC’s, Counselors, Staff and Faculty to support students with their academics
  • Lead weekly Strategies Meeting about student support

Jonathan Besancon                           630-907-5085               

Location: A135

Assist students with academic support and club development

Dr. Anita White                                 630-907-5949               

Location: E100

Director of PROMISE Programs and academic support                  


The focus of the counselors is to address the psychological and social needs of our students within the context of research and experience from the field of gifted education. We are committed to the students' personal, social, and intellectual growth, as well as their adjustment to and engagement with the IMSA community. Students are assisted with identifying and working through personal barriers, normal developmental issues, and stressors, and clinical problems, which could impede academic success.

Location: Student Life Office

Karen Schwartz, MA, LCPC            630-907-5070          

Kevin Kusy, MA, LCPC                  630-907-5988          

Education Plans

Location: Student Life Office

Karen Schwartz, MA, LCPC            630-907-5070          

  • Manage education plans for identified students with diagnosed disabilities 


The IMSA Student Health Care Services Office provides health assessment and treatment for illness/injury, first aid, health counseling, administration of medication as prescribed by a physician, and other appropriate therapeutic interventions.

Monday-Friday from 7:30am – 4:00pm

Location: C117

Anne Joseph, RN                            630-907-5008        

Angie Shoener, RN                         630-907-5008        

Jill Weber, RN                                630-907-5008         

Resident Counselors (RC’s)

Residential support and resource for students.

  • Assist Counselors with monitoring students’ academic success
  • Communicate student referrals to staff, faculty and administrators as needed
  • Serve as a liaison to support staff in the academic building and parents in the residential hall

Academic Support Liaisons-Residential Life

Academic Support Liaison are RC’s who manage peer tutors within each hall.

Students should first seek out their RC for schedule and availability of resident hall peer tutors.   If additional support is needed, students should meet with the Academic Support Liaison in their building.

1501                Natasha White                                     

1502                Robyn Norton                                      

1503                Erin Ryan                                             

1504                Shawn Chism                                       

1505                Moe Haney                                           

1506                April Verser                                         

1507                Mike Kolton                                         

Tiana Johnson, Academic Support Supervisor                                

Informational Resource Center (IRC)

Research, Citing, Sources & Technology Support

Contact: 630-907-5920 or

Resident Hall Tutors

IMSA students who have been approved by subject specific faculty to assist students with coursework. 

Location: See your RC for more information.

Day Tutors/IRC Tutors

IMSA students who have been approved by subject specific faculty to assist students with coursework.  Tutors are available during the day and in the IRC from 7pm-9pm.

Contact Amy Keck at or RC for more information. 

Location: IRC, Math Department & Writing Center

Academy Advocate

Assigned IMSA faculty or staff to offer additional support for identified students to succeed academically and emotionally.   All sophomore Excel students have been assigned an advocate and are listed as Case Manager under Student Information in PowerSchool.  Advocates can be assigned to any student anytime throughout the school year. 

Contact Amy Keck at for more information.

Writing Center

Room Number: A109

Erin Micklo, Writing Center Director & Writing Specialist      

  • Coordinate the Writing Center, including selecting, training and supervising Writing Center tutors.
  • Work individually with students, assessing students' writing abilities and needs
  • Meet with students on an on-going or walk-in basis

Writing Center Tutors

Students who have been recommended by faculty to provide assistance with writing assignments. 

Peer Tutors from the Writing Center are available in the Writing Center, A109 during the week and in the residence halls during evening hours. 

A, B, C, D Days          9:30am-4:45pm

I Day                           11:00am-4:45pm

Visit the Writing Center in A109 to meet with a Writing Center Tutor or ask your RC for a list of Residence Hall Writing Center Tutors during evening hours.


Faculty hours and offices vary per individual.  Please reach out to specific faculty to schedule a time to meet.   

Support from faculty in a specific class is not inclusive to only the instructor teaching the class.  Students are welcome and encouraged to seek support from other faculty in the department, as needed. 


Social Science

Mathematics & Computer Science

Set support given to students on I Days with Mathematics/Computer Science Faculty.

Fall 2017 I-Day Review Sessions and MI Problem Set Due Days


Review Time

Review Room

Problem Set Due




D Days




C Days




B Days




C Days









Mathematics Instructional Program Aide

Provides support in MI I/II, MI II, MI III, MI IV and AB Calculus  

Room Number:  A157, Mathematics Department 

Ms. Christine Loos                 630-907-5486   

Schedule: Monday & Tuesday                11am-5:30pm          

                 Wednesday                             9am-3:30pm             

                   Thursday & Friday                 8am-2:30pm


Set support given to students on I Days with Science Faculty.

Course                        Time                                       Room       Course                        Time                                       Room

SI Biology                  3pm-5pm                                B108              SI Biology                    4pm -5pm Tuesdays                             B108

SI Chemistry               1pm-3pm                                B110

SI Physics                   2pm-4pm                                B116

MSI                             Schedule an appointment with your teacher (or stop by the SI BIO study session for help)


World Language

Grade Calculation

Students should reference the syllabus regarding point value of the various assessments, including but not limited to homework, exams, quizzes, and essays.  Some teachers determine grades by total points and others use weighted categories.    

I Day AM Study Hall

Mandated study hall from 9am-11am on I Days for students identified as struggling academically by their case manager, CAC or the strategies team.  Attendance is taken. Unexcused absences to the study hall will result in suspension of residential privileges.

During the 2-hour study time, students will meet individually with the Learning Strategies Coordinator to review academic status and create an academic action plan.  Additionally, the Math Instructional Program Aid is available to provide with math support.

Room Number:  A152/A154

Coordinator:       Amy Keck             630-907-5971          

Evening Study

Mandated study hall from 7pm-9pm, Monday thru Thursday, for students identified as struggling academically by their case manager. Attendance is taken and recorded in PowerSchool. Unexcused absences to Evening Study will result in suspension of residential privileges.

Peer Tutors are available to work with students during Evening Study.  An IMSA employee supervises Evening Study. 

Room Number: Informational Resource Center (IRC)

Coordinator:       Amy Keck             630-907-5971