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IMSA Audio & Video Archives

The IMSA Audio & Video Archives, housed in IMS, serves to collect and preserve audio and video materials related to the academic programs, activities, and history of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

The IMSA Audio & Video Archives includes audio and video footage on the establishment of IMSA, led by Dr. Leon Lederman, Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall, and Gov. James Thompson; the Academy's development since 1986; its ideas and programs; partnership programs for educators and schools state- and nationwide; and the lives of its students, alumni, and staff. A particular focus is on collecting the material most evanescent for the current IMSA community and most evocative for alumni, that of the student experience at IMSA.

The IMSA Audio & Video Archives contains media in a variety of formats, including 3/4" video tapes, Hi-8, VHS, Mini-DV, HD, CD, and DVD. Reference work with these primary source materials is done by IMSA students, staff, and alumni. Format availability varies. Please contact a member of the IMS staff ahead of time regarding preferred format.

Selected IMSA audio and video recordings are available online at the Digital Commons @ IMSA, the institutional repository for scholarship and creative works.




The Audio & Video Archives of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy follows accepted archival practices for organization and access. Materials are those generated at IMSA and by members of the IMSA community. Many items in the collection are unique and increase in value as time passes. The goal of the IMSA Audio & Visual Achives is to interpret the life of the institution, its programs, and its staff and students, as well as educate the IMSA community and alumni about the history of the Academy.

Users of material are expected to credit the IMSA Audio & Video Archives in their works. A copy of such work will be deposited in the Archives.

The IMSA Audio & Video Archives is housed in the ITL/TVPL. Access is by appointment. Non-student-based materials are to be used in the ITL/TVPL only. Access to some materials, such as nonpublic records of current staff, is restricted.

Materials sought are those generated by members of the IMSA community. All accession decisions are made by ITL/TVPL staff based on the research value of the collection, relation to overall holdings, its condition, and resources required to process, store, access, and interpret the collection.

The IMSA Audio & Visual Archives policies are based on the IMSA Archives Access Policy and About Archives statements. See also the IMSA Archives Guidelines.

Holdings in the IMSA Audio & Visual Archives

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