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IMS (IMSA Media Services) Equipment Checkout Procedures

To reserve equipment in advance, please email, call x5878, or stop in and talk with one of our friendly staff.  We highly recommend reserving equipment in advance to ensure that the equipment will be available when you need it.

Our standard IMS equipment sign out period is 3 school days.  If you need to request equipment for a longer period of time, please talk with a member of our IMS Team.  We cannot always guarantee that equipment will be available for longer periods of time, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

To sign out equipment, please come to IMS and ask one of our team members to help you. You will need to have your ID with you because we scan your ID and this acts as your signature for the equipment sign out agreement. If you do not have your ID with you, we will not be able to sign equipment out to you.

When signing out equipment from IMS, you will receive email notifications from our FootPrints tracking system. The first email will be a summary of what you signed out, a review of IMSA’s equipment usage policy, and a reminder of the due date. You will also receive an automated reminder one day before your equipment is due.

Anyone who does not return the equipment on time will receive another friendly reminder with a summary of the equipment signed out. Students who have not returned equipment more than 5 school days past the due date will have a non-refundable $25 late fee charged to their obligations account.  If the equipment is still not returned 10 school days after the initial due date, the full replacement costs of the equipment will be added to the student’s obligations. If/when the equipment is returned, the replacement costs will be removed, but the $25 late fee will not be waived.

If you need to extend your equipment return date for any reason, please contact us to explain why you need the equipment longer.  Although we cannot guarantee that you will always be able to renew the equipment, based on the current demand, we will do our best to accommodate your request.  To respect the equal opportunities of everyone, do not keep equipment in your possession just because you might need it longer. This will result is late fees and makes it very hard for other members of the IMSA community to access equipment that they need to accomplish their projects, too.

If you have any questions regarding equipment sign out from IMS, please feel free to email us at, call x5878, or come in and talk with a member of our IMS Team.


Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Equipment Usage Policy – Student

IMSA Community Member’s Responsibilities and Awareness of Consequences
I understand that I:
Am solely responsible for these community resources.
Will treat community resources with respect.
Am responsible for returning community resources by the return date specified below.

I am aware of the following student consequences for not returning equipment by the return date specified below:
Within a week of being overdue: I will receive an e-mail reminder.
A week overdue: Parent will be notified and a non-refundable $ 25.00 late fee will be billed/applied to Obligations in PowerSchool.
More than two weeks overdue: The replacement cost of the equipment will be billed/applied to Obligations in PowerSchool

Policy effective: 03/08/2007

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Equipment Usage Policy - Staff

Any state-owned equipment issued to an employee is done so in support of the employee’s position at IMSA and is to be used by that employee for Academy-related purposes.

Any equipment issued to an employee must be returned when due, immediately upon request by the employee’s supervisor or the issuing department, or, upon termination of employment, no later than the employee’s last work day at IMSA, in the same condition as when it was issued. In addition, employees are prohibited both from making or allowing anyone else to make unauthorized copies of software, and from installing unlicensed software on a state-owned computer.

The employee is financially responsible for any fees associated with returning equipment late, and for repairing or replacing any equipment issued to him or her that is damaged, lost, or stolen due to the negligence of the employee. Negligence includes, but is not limited to, failing to exercise proper care in securing equipment from the risk of damage, loss, or theft. Regardless of negligence, the employee is financially responsible for repairing or replacing any damaged, lost, or stolen equipment that he or she has taken off-campus without authorization.

IMSA is solely responsible for determining when damaged equipment will be repaired or replaced, for arranging for equipment repairs, and for purchasing replacement equipment.

The employee’s supervisor, a representative of the office that issued the equipment, and the Chief Financial Officer or the Controller are jointly responsible for determining whether the employee was negligent regarding the security of any equipment issued to him or her that was damaged, lost, or stolen. The employee may appeal this determination to the Director of Human Resources, whose decision is final.

*This policy does not apply to employees’ use of state-owned vehicles, which are covered separately, nor does it apply to equipment that is assigned to a location such as a workstation or a classroom, rather than to an individual.

Policy effective: 08/01/2011