Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

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Homeschool Applicants

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Office of Admissions welcomes homeschooled applicants. In addition to the application for admission, please submit the following information to assist the Selection Committee in the review process.

1. In the same way we request a school report card from students enrolled in a traditional school setting, we ask that the adult responsible for the homeschooling of the applicant submit documentation addressing the questions below.

  • Program Information: What philosophy guides your homeschool program? What outside programming (i.e. online course supplementation, community college classes) if any, are utilized in the administration of the homeschool?
  • Curriculum: What texts and resources have been used during the last two-and-a-half years in the applicant's homeschooling? Please provide syllabi, if available. In order to facilitate review of coursework completed, please list the last two-and-a-half years of subjects covered in a one-page format similar to a traditional transcript.  

2. To document student skill level, please indicate grades earned in each subject completed in the last two and a half years, including official transcripts or grade reports from outside educational institutions.  If no formal grades are available, written or dialogue grades and/or sending recent samples of work completed in mathematics, science and English are appreciated in helping to determine a student’s educational background.

3. Evaluation forms from our application should be completed by teachers as thoroughly as possible. While it is appropriate for the parent to complete the Counselor Form if he/she is the homeschool administrator, we ask that the additional evaluation forms are completed by non-related professionals who have knowledge of the applicant's academic ability.