Ms. Agnieszka Michalak - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Ms. Agnieszka Michalak

World Languages Faculty



Office: A127A
Phone: 5881
Office Visit Hours: Prearranged and I-Day 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Expression Term Course # Course Sec #
3(A-D) S1 WLG310 German I 101
7(A-D) S1 WLG310 German I 102
5(A-D) S1 WLG320 German II 101
8(A-D) S1 WLG330 German III 101
3(A-D) S2 WLG310 German I 201
7(A-D) S2 WLG310 German I 202
5(A-D) S2 WLG320 German II 201
8(A-D) S2 WLG330 German III 201