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Application Troubleshooting F.A.Q.’s

I started an an application last year but it won’t let me log in this year?

We are using a new system for the Fall of 2019 which will require you to start a new account. Please use the students email address for the application email and username. The username will always be entered as “”. Any password resets, email communication from IMSA and reminder emails will all use this same email address.

I started a new account, but the system said my username was different than my email?

If you accidentally started your application as a guest user, this can sometimes happen. That long “” can be changed to your email by the Admissions team to activate your account. You will need an activated account to access your application, the decision status, and submit any registration forms.

I forgot my password but the “Reset Password” isn’t sending anything to my email address?

Double check that you entered in your username with your full email address and check any spam folders. If you still don’t receive anything within 10 minutes, reach out to the Admissions team.

I am entering the correct username and password, but it won’t let me back in the system?

This can happen if you have used multiple tabs, devices, or have just walked away from the application for too long. To protect your information, the system won’t allow you to be logged in in more than one place. Be sure to clear any cookies/saved data on any device you have used to access it. If this still doesn’t work- try a private or incognito window.

I think I created more than one account or application?

If you create a second (or third) account or application- it can confuse the system and you may not be able to access or view your application correctly. If you know you completed a section but it is not showing up, this may be the culprit! Please contact the Admissions team and we can clear up your accounts- just let us know the preferred email/username.

To Contact and Amissions Team member:

Call (630) 907-5028,   M-F 8:00 AM -4:30 PM