About Fusion

New for 2021

In response to COVID-19, all professional development for Fusion 2021 will be conducted online — see more information below!

The Engineering Design & Build and Climate Change: The Future is Now are both available in Spanish.  Please e-mail fusion@imsa.edu for more information on this offering.

IMSA Fusion is a teacher professional development and STEM enrichment program for students in grades 3-8.

In brief, the program goals are:

  • Maintain or increase students interest, involvement and literacy in science and mathematics
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers in science, mathematics, and technology; stimulate excellence in schools
  • Stimulate excellence in schools’ science and mathematics programs
  • Help increase access to programming for students who are historically under-resourced in science, mathematics and technology and for all areas of the state

By design, the IMSA Fusion curriculum is inquiry based, problem centered, competency driven and integrative. The learning experiences focus on helping students “learn how to learn” and emphasize collaboration, mathematical thinking and experimental scientific thinking. Topics relate to the students’ lives, thereby arousing their curiosity and increasing their motivation to learn in mathematics and science. Teachers from each participating school are supported with on-going professional development for the delivery of the curriculum and use of appropriate pedagogy.

Follow these Links to Get Started:

Step 1: Review the curriculum choices for your grade band. Choose your curriculum topic(s)

Step 2: Sign up for the FREE Fusion Professional Development for your curriculum choice(s).  Each curricula requires two, 3-hour online professional development sessions.

TopicGrade levelsPD datesPD timeRegistration link
You be the Judge
3rd-5thJuly 6 & 89:00-12:00Register HERE
Synthetic Score Card: Biotechnology3rd-5thJuly 19 & 209:30-1:30 (1 hour lunch)Register HERE
Fighting Fire with STEM3rd-5th
July 20 & 219:00-12:00Register HERE
Organized Sound: STEM in Music3rd-5th
July 21 & 229:30-12:30
Register HERE
Dive In: Oceanographic STEM3rd-5thJuly 27 & 28
9:00-12:00Register HERE
Engineering: Design and Build3rd-5th
July 27 & 289:00-12:00Register HERE
Climate Change: the Future is Now
3rd-5thAugust 2 & 39:00-12:30Register HERE
What's the Story, Data?3rd-5thAugust 4 & 59:30-12:30Register HERE
Medieval STEM6th-8th
July 5 & 79:00-12:00Register HERE
Take Flight: Aviation STEM6th-8th
July 13 & 149:30-1:30 (1 hour lunch)
Register HERE
Living in a Material World: Material Science6th-8thJuly 13 & 14
9:00-12:00Register HERE
Mars: Manifest Destiny6th-8th
July 27 & 289:30-1:30 (1 hour lunch)Register HERE
Out of the Silo: Agronomic STEM6th-8thJuly 27 & 299:00-12:00Register HERE
Biological Toolkit6th-8th
August 4 & 59:00-12:00Register HERE
Secret Communications6th-8thAugust 4 & 59:00-12:30Register HERE

Step 3: Order your IMSA Fusion kits for your classroom.  IMSA partners with Flinn Scientific to produce the IMSA Fusion materials kit. ( Flinn Scientific website).  All IMSA Fusion material kits need to be ordered by December 2021.  Materials form these kits will be used during PD sessions.