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15 Online Students Win Science Fair Awards in IMSA’s RISE Research Course

mackenzie_gadboiscrop.jpgIMSA’s Research, Inquiry Skills & Experimentation (RISE) course has once again led nearly a dozen students to winning Gold awards at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) State Exposition, with almost 40% of enrolled students earning awards for presenting their research at science fairs. In addition to winning Gold, students have won prestigious honors such as the Metropolitan Water Reclamation Grand Prize, two First Place Awards, and three monetary prizes, with some students earning multiple awards for their projects.

RISE teaches research skills through independent, higher-level study of a science topic of each student’s choosing, with the option of presenting their work at the end of the course. More than half of the students who completed the online course chose to present their work, and every one of these 15 students won prestigious awards for doing so. The unique methods and personalized instruction RISE offers has guided 31 total students to win state and national awards in its first two years.

“Students come in with the interest and dedication necessary to win these awards, and it’s a joy to teach them the research expertise, guidance, and direction they need to see their original projects through,” said RISE Faculty Jacklyn Naughton, the leader of both sections of RISE, who herself has won awards such as Illinois Science Teacher of the Year.

RISE students conducted a wide array of research this year, including projects entitled “The Effectiveness of Bacteriophages vs. Chlorine in the Elimination of Pathogenic Water Borne Bacteria,” “The Development of Speed Sensors for Cars in Response to Road Conditions,” and “Binocular Vision Dysfunctions in High School Students,” which earned a total of 10 awards between them at IJAS fairs.

RISE is now accepting applicants for its third class of students in 9-12th grade looking to do independent, high-level research with an expert in their field of inquiry, with the opportunity to present their research findings at various regional/state venues. IMSA is also launching an online Biochemistry course on August 31 that uses a new learning model developed and published at the Academy by IMSA Faculty Dr. Jeong V. Choe.

To learn more and apply for this course, and for scholarship information, see the RISE page on our website.