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5 Students Earn American Academy of Science's 'Outstanding Achievement at the National Level in Scientific Research and Leadership'

Five IMSA students had their original research recognized at the 2015 American Academy of Science (AAS) Annual Meeting in San Jose, CA, earning prestigious honors for their impressive work. Seniors Omair Khan, Sanjay Kottapalli, Grace Duan, Sameeksha Malhotra, and Ranjani Sundar all received Lifetime Fellowship and Full Honors for "Outstanding Achievement at the National Level in Scientific Research and Leadership" from the AAS, an international non-profit dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of all people.


Omair Khan studied the implications of the Gut Microbiome following severe burn injury. He has received co-authorship on a manuscript  titled "Burn Injury Alters the Intestinal Microbiome and Increases Gut Permeability and Bacterial Translocation" that was submitted to PLoS One.

Sanjay Kottapalli studied the potential applications of Integrase-Mediated Cassette Exchange (IMCE) in optimizing studies of protein function. He hopes to use his results to further study cancer biology.

Grace Duan and Sameeksha Malhotra studied the changes in the functional connectivity among brain regions during the stages of the human sleep cycle. They want to create a standard model of brain activity for future studies.

Ranjani Sundar studied the adverse effects of phthalates and phthalate alternatives on the female reproductive system. She shed light on the  potential of these chemicals and their implications in public health and legislation.