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Awards for Excellence in Expository Writing Announced

It is often said that many students spend just as much time on their humanities work as they do on their math and science courses here at IMSA, so it is with great pleasure that we honor the winners of the Award for Excellence in Expository Writing for the spring semester. In order to pick the two winners and three runner-ups, three English Department Faculty members carefully read through many excellent non-fiction essays written for spring semester English courses.

From the sophomore class, Saraswathi Nookala won the bi-annual award for her paper “The Mask of the American Dream.” Written for Dr. Hancock’s Literary Explorations II class, this essay analyzes F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology to show the disconnect in these works between the materialistic American Dream and happiness. Simona Stancova’s “Finishing for a Hero” earned an Honorable Mention. 

Saurabh Kumar’s essay “The Marriage of Science and Religion” won for the junior class. Saurabh wrote this essay for his Speculative Fiction course, and it explores how Walter M. Miller’s novel A Canticle for Leibowitz exhorts the value in a collaboration between science and religion. Anthony Marquez won an Honorable Mention for his essay “No Equality. No Social Justice. Why not Equity?”

Senior Sam Waldner, who won first place in the Sejong Writing Competition earlier this year, also earned an Honorable Mention for his creative writing piece “A Telescope in the Smog.”

All of these essays can be found on IMSA’s digital commons.