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Daily Herald Writes Standout Piece on Senior Timothy Akintilo

timakintilo.jpgThe Daily Herald published a Suburban Standout piece on Thursday (11/14/2014) about Timothy Akintilo, a senior at IMSA.The story and accompanying video describe how he went from struggling his first year to becoming a great student, a passionate researcher, and a confident peer tutor. 

Tim is a National Achievement Semifinalist, a gold medalist in the National Russian Essay Contest, a medical bionics researcher, a cellist, and a peer tutor. From the article: "Timothy has managed to excel in the classroom, as well as in off-campus research, while also finding time to mentor younger students as they adjust to the challenges of the rigorous academy. One veteran IMSA instructor calls Timothy one of the best students he's ever had."

You can see the article and video here, and engage with it on our Facebook page here.