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Dr. Condie Wins Award, James Tao Gets 10th in Nation at ‘World Series of Mathematics Competitions’

Between an award bestowed upon a faculty member and a perfect score earned by his student, IMSA was doubly honored on June 4th in Iowa City.  IMSA Faculty Member Dr. Steve Condie and rising senior James Tao were in Iowa for the American Regions Mathematics League’s (ARML) annual competition, a national program that features over 2,000 students from almost every state solving several rounds of intense math problems in teams of 15.

Dr. Steve Condie, who serves as the head of the Iowa site, was honored with the Alfred Kalfus Founder’s Award at the meet. The james_tao_arml.jpgaward is given annually to an individual that has demonstrated long-term service to ARML, and it was presented to Dr. Condie by fellow IMSA Faculty Member Dr. Micah Fogel, who is also the head coach of the Chicago Area’s A-Team, Chair of the ARML Power Question Competition, and the Head of Power Grading at the Iowa site.

James Tao earned a perfect score in the ARML competition, one of only ten of the 2,133 competing students to do so. Tao has had tremendous success this year in national, and international math competitions, and in July will compete for Team USA against more than 100 other countries at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Santa Marta, Colombia.