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Dr. Maureen Robinson of South Africa Visits IMSA, Talks Possible Partnership

Dr. Maureen Robinson, Dean of Faculty at South Africa’s Stellenbosch University, visited IMSA on Wednesday, May 22nd. Dr. Robinson is working with IMSA Founding President and President Emerita Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall to explore a possible partnership between Stellenbosch and IMSA.

“I have been engaged in working with several universities in South Africa, of which Stellenbosch is a potential partner with the Illinois Math and Science Academy,” Dr. Marshall explained. “We’re in the process of exploring what that could or might look like.”

Dr. Robinson has a background in teaching in impoverished areas of South Africa, and now is working in teacher education with a focus on how faculties of education can have a positive impact on the overall education system of a country. She is in America finishing up her Fulbright Grant period, where she has been doing research at the University of Illinois, and took the opportunity to come to the Chicago area and become acquainted with IMSA.

“It’s lovely to be in an environment where people are so enthusiastic and passionate,” said Dr. Robinson about her visit. “there’s a dynamic sense about [IMSA], which is very motivating. I think often you can tell the essence of a place by the energy that you find… and that seems very much here.”

Dr. Robinson spent the day learning about IMSA’s professional field services and our inquiry approach to learning, getting to know the academy and exploring what a partnership between IMSA and Stellenbosch University would look like.

“The issue is to see potential synergies. Whether we are going to formalize that or leave that as an informal communication, I think time will tell.

A full video of the interview with Dr. Robinson can be found here on our Youtube page.