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Dr. Torres Speaks on Future of Education at Waubonsee Vision 2050 Event

torreswaubonsee2.jpgDr. Torres spoke about the future of education on Tuesday, June 23 at Waubonsee Community College's Vision 2050 Future Summit, detailing what student credentialing may look like in an age where achievement badges and digital tokens replace traditional concepts such as seat time and grades. He drew some of the inspiration for his speech in talking to an IMSA alumnus about how, in the near future, it may be possible for students to contribute to the working world upon graduating from IMSA.

Dr. Torres's speech also outlined the teachable skills that are gaining value in the workplace, including intellectual humility, emergent leadership, team orientation, and problem solving.

The Future Summit featured engaging speakers such as Dr. Torres and futurist/innovator Nicholas J Webb, as well as roundtable discussions on how community organizations can thrive over the next 35 years of innovation.