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Dr. Torres Speaks on Reaching Low Income Students as Panelist at National School Leaders Summit


IMSA President Dr. José M. Torres was a featured panelist at a national summit for school leaders focused on closing the "excellence gap" for high-achieving, low-income students. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation convened the first of its kind, two day summit in Lansdowne, Virginia in order to address the troubling disparity in academic performance between lower and higher income students.

"Closing the Excellence Gap: Nurturing Talent of High-Achieving, Low-Income Students," which was recently covered in a Washington Post article, took place between February 5-6, and included more than 100 principals of selective high schools, as well as organizational leaders, researchers, advocates, and policy makers. Dr. Torres spoke about IMSA's PROMISE programs and more in the panel "Student Outreach and Preparation" on Thursday, along with three administrators from leading educational institutions.