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Aurora Beacon News Article Highlights IMSA Commitment to Gender Equity in STEM

Girls in STEMThe Aurora Beacon-News published an article that features IMSA Admissions Director Kelly Lofgren and an IMSA student, Sweta Kotha.

The article notes that while IMSA enrolls roughly the same number of men and women each year, "nationally, women are still underrepresented in science and engineering graduate programs and jobs, though those numbers are growing." In high school, boys and girls tend to go into different fields. According to a National Science Foundation study in 2012, "boys were more likely to take advanced courses in computer science, calculus and physics....Girls, though, were more likely to take AP exams in biology and environmental science."

The article features IMSA junior Sweta Kotha and the reasons behind her enrollment at IMSA weighing her interest in medicine, biology and chemistry with concerns about living away from home.  

Kelly Lofgren states in the article, "Each year we receive more highly qualified female applicants than we have room for at the Academy, but we also realize that girls are an underrepresented group in STEM fields, and so when the opportunity arises we make sure to reach out to potential female applicants through specialty programs and events."

You can find the full story on the Beacon-News website or click here for a PDF version.