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IMSA Names 2013-14 National Honors Society Inductees

The IMSA National Honors Society (NHS) Faculty Council named 29 students dedicated to scholarship, service, leadership, and character to IMSA's chapter on May 7th, 2013.

The NHS Faculty Council consists of Dr. McGee, Mr. Furlong, Mr. Lundgren and Ms. Townsend, who picked IMSA’s chapter based on credentials unique to IMSA; because IMSA does not calculate grade point averages or class rank, the traditional criteria by which NHS members are selected, IMSA used the production of original work of scholarship as the main criteria for selection.

The officers for the 2013-14 year will be Co-Presidents Dallas Eckman and Selam Zenebe-Gete, Director of External Affairs Prachi Aggarwal, and Joseph Reda serving as Treasurer. Congratulations to all of the 2013-14 NHS members:

Prachi Aggarwal, Director of External Affairs
Isiah Butler
Natalie Dong
Dallas Eckman, Co-President
Stephanie Hatz
Alyda Huerta
Vivian Jin
Alexandra Johnson
Sharon Johnson
Omair Khan
Michele Kinama
Srisha Kotlo
Saurabh Kumar
Mack Lee
Judy Li
Eveline Liu
Emmy Mladenova
Emily Mu
August Nagro
Anthony Ortiz
Nahee Park
Haneesha Parachuri
Ruchi Patel
Luselena Perez
Joseph Reda, Treasurer
Daniel Rosenthal
Simona Stancov
Lynette To
Kristine Yoon
Selam Zenebe-Gete, Co-President
Luke Zhan