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Mayor Weisner and IMSA Students Plant Trees for Arbor Day

IMSA and the city of Aurora observed National Arbor Day on Friday, April 25, by having Mayor Tom Weisner join IMSA students, teachers, and school officials to speak about the significance of trees in our community and to plant additional trees on IMSA’s grounds. IMSA is the first location of three where Mayor Weisner planted trees on Friday, along with Hope Wall School and Bardwell Elementary School.

“We are very proud of our environmental and sustainability efforts in the city of Aurora. As we celebrate Arbor Day, we take the opportunity to strengthen those efforts by planting trees with those whose lives will be impacted in the future by what we do in the present – our children,” said Mayor Tom Weisner.

Principal Branson Lawrence and Mayor Weisner joined Club Verno, IMSA’s ecology club, which demonstrated recent eco-friendly changes they have made to IMSA. ComEd was also present, and they demonstrated how ComEd operators work with trees in their daily work life.