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Moodle for Problem-Based Learning Network Gets New Theme

Moodle, a web application that IMSA uses for its online learning experiences and collaboration, underwent a major technical upgrade on June 4th and a subsequent makeover the next day. The new look and feel of IMSA’s Learning Management System aligns the Moodle homepage with IMSA's new website, which has garnered much positive feedback since its launch in early Maynewmoodle.jpg

"In order to improve functionality we upgraded through several versions of Moodle," said Frank Tomsic, Director of Online Teaching and Learning. "It was the equivalent of upgrading through several versions of Microsoft Office all at once."

The upgraded site is now more in line with a web 2.0 interactive experience. The old Moodle site was "stark," according to Tomsic; the text was entirely black on white, with users having to click submit before a field would register at all with the application. The new version of Moodle improves interactions with the users.

The system’s new look both highlights the site upgrade and aligns it with the branding of the new main IMSA site. "The interface is still intentionally simple, but now it's elegant and inviting," explained Tomsic. In addition to the obvious improvements to the site’s appearance, it is also designed to look and function well across different platforms, so that it can be easily used on tablets and mobile devices. We will see those functions mature over time.