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SEAMS Hands-On, Residential Summer Program Accepting Applications

IMSA is encouraging Illinois eighth grade students to apply for its SEAMS (Summer Enrichment for Academics in Mathematics and Science) residential program, which teaches advanced math and science concepts through hands-on learning experiences to students who otherwise may not have the opportunity to learn in a stimulating and supportive environment. Recent programs have helped students develop talent, interest, and motivation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning through lessons that feature catapults, slimy polymers, rockets, and CO2-powered race cars.

The two week live-in program’s curriculum utilizes group inquiry and problem solving in ways that are designed to improve students' math, science, and English skills. There is a nominal fee for the ten day program ($50) which has served as a catalyst for students who are  interested in STEM, but might not  have had opportunities to explore their passions.

“The SEAMS program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for underrepresented students to experience IMSA’s intellectual environment, learn STEM subjects through hands-on lessons, and see what life is like for our students,” said Admissions Counselor Quintin Backstrom. “This program has helped us find some of our most unique and talented students, and with almost no cost associated with attending, we encourage all eligible eighth graders to apply.”

Students participating in the SEAMS program live in IMSA residence halls, study in the academic building, and take trips to places like museums and forensic labs. Students’ experiences in many ways simulate the experience of an enrolled IMSA student, focusing on interpersonal skill development.

The SEAMS program is held on IMSA’s campus in Aurora, beginning June 16th and ending on June 26th.  The deadline for SEAMS’s competitive application process is April 24, 2015.  For application and program information, contact the IMSA Office of Admissions at 630-907-5028 or reach them by e-mail at The application can be filled out online at the IMSA PROMISE page.