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TALENT Summer Camp Students Pitch Products

TALENT's summer camp culminated in ten enterprising teens pitching their products to a room full of excited parents, friends, and IMSA community members . The following presentations by these entrepreneurial students wrapped up three intense weeks of product development, including pitch meetings, competition analysis, a trip to 1871 Chicago, and two weeks of living in IMSA's residence halls in Aurora.

Maya Cottongim - Sport Record

The video camera that allows you to record and live stream events without having to be there


Shahid Monametsi - Mense Health SA

Helps South Africans keep track of their medical records


Michael Laboy -

The most dynamic way to educate your children on politics


Sarah Tani - Gallifreyan Translator

Translates English into Gallifreyan, a language popularized by Dr. Who


Jorge Zhang - Smoothride

The best way to find a safe carpool


Faraz Longi - Shoe F1t

Best, most efficient way to find a pair of shoes that fit you


Robert Hughes - Ultimate Virus Computer Game

If we know about the dangers of downloading, kids should too


Nitin Challa - Flood Smart

Get home flood alerts anywhere, anytime


Hari Balachandran - Chainpower

Uses pedal power to charge your phone


Andrew Kluzak - DOS -- Revive

A simple, virtual environment to run MS DOS and early Windows programs

Thanks to all of the students, staff, and everyone who helped with the summer program!