Thank You Dr. Torres


The IMSA Community would like to express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Torres on his retirement.

“Thank you Dr. Torres for your leadership over the past years. During your presidency, you have had to overcome many obstacles, but through it all, you provided the institution with guidance and a vision. I hope that retirement treats you well and that your work lives on through the coming years.”
– Andrea Stuiber

“Dr. Torres cares about student mental health. He operationalized the Year of Inquiry team composed of students, parents, staff and faculty to look at student mental health and wellness through data analysis, focus groups and a literature review. Recognizing the impact of COVID-19, Dr.Torres approved a third full time school counselor position to ensure students had increased access to mental health professionals at IMSA in response to increased needs.”
– Katie Berger

“Thanks, Dr. Torres!! Your guidance, mentorship, and friendship are invaluable. We hold dear our time with you and wish you well in the next phase of your journey.”
– Dr. Normal “Storm” Robinson, III

“#thankyouDrTorres for bringing your deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion to IMSA. As Mahatma Ghandi said, ‘Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.’”
– Amber Stiziel Pareja

“It has been a pleasure working with you for you the past 6+ years, Jose. A lot of good and important work was done during that time despite significant external challenges. Thank you for trusting me as an employee and being open to hearing my opinions. I wish you Godspeed.”
– Kimberly Corrao

“Thank you for your years of service to IMSA. I appreciate the support that you showed my daughter, when she was a student here; the way you welcomed my family into the IMSA community; and finally, your guidance and mentorship in my early years as an employee of this amazing institution. I wish you much health and happiness as you move on to new adventures.”
– Dana Ginnett

“Thank you for your tenacity and perseverance to accomplish all you have done for IMSA. By all measures, we have improved our services to students of all backgrounds immensely on your watch.”
– Tami Armstrong

“Thank you for your years of leadership and all you have done in support of the IRC team. I sincerely appreciate you and your commitment to the academy. I want you to know that I have personally learned a lot from you during your time here at IMSA. It has been a privilege to work with you! I wish you the very best! Congratulations on a retirement well deserved! God bless you!”
– Angie Richardson

“Thank you Dr. Torres for your years of service to the IMSA community. An extra special thank you for your support and advocacy of the PROMISE programs and initiating the endowment to continue to fund the STEM enrichment of our future diverse students. Enjoy your retirement!”
– Dr. Anita White

“Dr. Torres has been a wonderful influence on my IMSA career. From meeting him (as U46 Superintendent) at chemistry competitions in middle school, to Dr. Torres coming into my Navigation sessions and speaking with me, to being a part of his Student Advisory Committee, Dr. Torres was consistently a helpful mentor, president, and friend. His speeches, personal reflections, and even opening remarks during meetings were thoughtful and often touching. Through his leadership, especially during difficult times of IMSA, he inspired many students, including me, to be a leader, and showed us what it takes. I frequently would stop in to his office to say hello (as we were both rather busy), and he would offer a piece of candy, words of advice, or share some of his own issues to ease our stresses. Dr. Torres would share his own personal reflections, which brought me and many other students, staff, parents, and alumni closer to understanding his perspective. Overall, I am honored to have had Dr. Torres as someone to look up to for so many years of my life. I know Dr. Torres will continue to be an amazing leader for many others through his life. Thank you Dr. Torres!”
– Patrick Hultquist

“Dr. Torres, I thank you for your leadership and fortitude to address the hard issues with candor and respect. It has been my pleasure to work with you. Best wishes on the next chapter!”
– M.M. Olmos

“Thank you Dr. Torres for your courage to not only put equity ‘on the table’ at IMSA, but to inspire us to go deeper, and support us in the pursuit of it across the academy. Your leadership, guidance, and incredible patience and perseverance in spite of numerous, significant obstacles, are appreciated. Wishing nothing but peace and joy for you in retirement. You’ve earned it and deserve it!”
– Traci D. Ellis

“Congratulations on your retirement Dr. Torres. Enjoy your permanent weekend. Now is the time to forget about the meetings and deadlines!”
– Dr. Akwaji-Anderson

“Thank you, Dr. Torres!!! Thank you for your leadership, commitment, and continued push for excellence. Congratulations on a retirement well deserved! Enjoy!”
– Dr. Jeanette Bartley

“Jose, thank you for being a great leader at IMSA. Coming to IMSA as the first Latino President of the Academy put you in a situation to face challenges before walking through the door. Thank you for confronting these challenges each and every time and making the best decisions with all in mind. Enjoy retirement!”
– Minerva Ratsamy

“Thank You for making me feel welcome at IMSA on that very first day of orientation. It was so encouraging to see you attend the choir concert that fall, ‘A Night at the Movies’. It was the first concert I conducted in my professional career and it was very encouraging to see you there to show your support. Thank You!”
– Lara Brink

“I appreciate your contributions and support of our team. Your positive energy and enthusiasm gave us motivation to meet our goals on behalf of the Academy. Thank you!”
– Vynnessa Winberg

“Thank you for the effort you made to keep the conversation lively in our Titan Crew. You had a knack for helping the students focus on the issues of the day. You also had good insights into student feelings that informed the structures we used for our discussions.

“A chance meeting in the building late in the summer, led to a random comment from me about project supplies turnaround. Within a matter of a day or two, you had solved that and I am still grateful. Thanks again!”
– Mark Carlson

“Thank you for all you’ve done for IMSA. Best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you again for making an impact on IMSA students.”
– Dr. Rich Schultz

“Thank you Jose. Here’s wishing you good health, happiness, and time to relax with your family during your retirement.”
– Ann Donohue

“Your accomplishment and accolades has surely left empirical evidence of your commit to education and has prompted a new chapter to your life. May the next chapter whether written by you or written for you be as exciting as the past chapters and may it bring you joy and peace! Thank you!!!”
– Willie M. Mayes, Sr.

“Thank you for your years of service to IMSA. I sincerely appreciate you and your commitment to the Academy. Congratulations on your retirement.”
– Joan Dorion

“Dr. Torres you have provided unwavering leadership and guidance to the academy. Your work with equity with benefit all students and staff. Thank you!!!”
– Norman “Storm” Robinson III, Ph.D.

“Thank you!”
– Joe Golab

“Dr. Torres, Thank you so very much for all you have done for our students and IMSA. I would like to thank for your support of the fine arts, both in the music and visual arts program. Thank you!”
– Joyce Symoniak

“Thank you for your leadership, guidance, and support. Your bold, intentional, and unwavering commitment to equity is one that many leaders would only hope to live out each day. Although you have faced pressure and insurmountable challenges, you have still led with dignity and determination. You are a leader’s leader and your support has meant everything. The path you forged for equity and excellence will continue because as James Baldwin said ‘Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced’. Because of you, children of color can know what is possible. Congratulations and enjoy your retirement…. #ThankyouDrTorres”
– Alexis R. Thomas, MBA, JD

“Thank you for all the years of making difficult decisions that no one else was willing to make.”
– Peter Dong

“Congratulations on your retirement! May the years ahead bring contemplation, relaxation and happiness.”
– Terry Michels

“Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy!!”
– Connie James-Jenkin

“Thank you!”
– Ellen N.

“Thank you, Dr. Torres!”
– Neil Purohit

“Thank you for making IMSA the nationally recognized institution that it is. You created a positive and inclusive environment for all students. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!”
– Aaron Calhoun

“Dr. Torres thank you for your leadership of IMSA, and pushing us towards equity and excellence. Enjoy your retirement!”
– Quintin Backstrom

“Thank you & farewell, Dr. Torres!! Best wishes for what comes next for you! Enjoy :)”
– Christine Moskalik

“Dr. Torres, thank you for your leadership and dedication in driving real change at IMSA and beyond!”
– Gwen Seeley-Joosse

“Thank you for the concern you showed for Noah during his ongoing health issues. Your support was greatly appreciated. I wish you well in your retirement!”
– Janice Krouse

“Congratulations Dr. Torres! Wishing you a happy retirement full of new and exciting adventures.”
– Jocelyn Quiles

“Dr. Torres, thank you!”
– Jason Mu

“We appreciate everything you have done to help us enjoy STEM programming even in our homes!”
– Gigi

“Thank you for all that you have done to make IMSA great! Enjoy your retirement!”
– Tatum Glas

“Forever and ever, I
Understand that this might
Count as an opportunity for
Kindness to show.

Yes, it is sad that you are leaving,
Of course though, we must remember that
Underneath this lies a better destination.”
– Rick Johnson

“Thank you for your kind words and support last March as Covid was hitting and I was frantically trying to find a way to get my daughter home from her study abroad in France. Kindness matters! Enjoy your retirement!”
– Erin Micklo

“I enjoyed learning about Crucial Conversations. Thank you!”
– Micah Fogel

“Thank you!”
– Olivia Kingcade

“Thank You for everything!!!”
– Goran

“Thank you Dr. Torres for your many years of most definitely competent, steadfast, and altruistic leadership.”
– John Cena

“Hi Jose. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to IMSA during some very challenging years.”
– Marsha Rosner

“Dr. Torres, you ignited IMSA minds to explore and establish teaching and learning in new ways that advanced the human condition of all our students and outreach staff and students across Illinois. Thank you for envisioning and moving IMSA as an institution– during a three-year budget crisis and the current global pandemic!”
– Erin Roche (’89) Chair, IMSA Board of Trustees

“Dr. Torres, thank you for your leadership and guidance, especially around advancing equity at IMSA. Thank you for “seeing” me and putting me in a situation to grow professionally. I’m going to definitely miss our “good mornings”. So, good morning Dr. Torres and enjoy your next journey in life!”
– Dr. Adrienne Coleman

“Thank you Dr Torres and Happy retirement!”
– Sowmya Anjur

“I know this was a difficult year and was definitely not what any of us expected but I just wanted to say thank you for putting in a great effort of work. I wish you well with your retirement, thank you!”
– Valeria Castellanos

“Thank you for being a champion of diversity and equity as well as for your passion and thoughtfulness as a leader who always pushed IMSA to be better.”
– Kathleen Clarke

“Dr. Torres, Congratulations on your retirement! I hope you have a relaxing future with endless vacations. It has been a pleasure working at IMSA under your leadership. I really enjoyed seeing you interacting and getting involved with the students. We will certainly miss your passion for the students and for higher education.”
– Angie Shoener

“Thank you for your years of service to IMSA, Dr. Torres. I appreciate the way in which you welcomed our family to the IMSA family 6 years ago and welcomed me as an employee 3 years ago. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this forward-thinking institution and, through your leadership, you helped pave the way for many of the wonderful strides that have occurred. I wish you well in your next chapter.”
– Dana Ginnett

“Thank you for all you’ve done at IMSA! I know that you approved a third counselor to be hired to support the students, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the IMSA community!”
– Alexis Pratt

“Thank you for making CSI a core course for the incoming sophomores. Our CS program is more robust and most of the IMSA graduates explore 2-3 CS courses before they graduate. Hope your retirement is filled with nothing but joy and happiness!”
– Namrata Pandya

“Dear Dr. Torres, I want to thank you for your leadership during some very tough times. You got us through years where the state had no budget. You made alliances in Springfield and locally that help ensure IMSA is still around. You got us through episodes of racial ugliness that I had not seen before at IMSA. You have been avoice calling for change in how we approach our work at the academy, recognizing the inequities that exist in our society, and therefore at IMSA as well. You wisely made the timely choice to start the year virtually in a Pandemic, when the uncertainty in other school districts had both teachers and families in a panic, not being able to predict what lie ahead. You (via Alexis Thomas) secured us vaccines when that was what all of us were holding out for to bring back some security in our hope for surviving Covid. I am grateful that our paths have crossed at this time. I wish you great success in your future endeavors, and hope you continue to try to make the world a better place for all.”
– Christine Loos

“I have enjoyed working with you these past four years. Thank you for your vision and leadership. You will be greatly missed.”
– Beverly Lee

“Thank you”
– Ilan Lunken

“Thank you for always putting in the extra effort to make sure everyone feels noticed and comfortable. You have always been welcoming and supportive. Enjoy your retirement and this next exciting stage of your life!”
– Sue Fricano

“Thank you for always putting in the extra effort to make sure everyone feels noticed and comfortable. You have always been welcoming and supportive. Enjoy your retirement and this next exciting stage of your life!”
– Sue Fricano

“Dear Dr. Torres, thank you so much for your leadership, helping our children to learn and grow. You shall be greatly missed. Thank so much for all your help. May Almighty God bless and keep you always! It shall be well with you and your family always! 🙏❤🥰💚”
– Mr & Mrs. Wasiu & Olayinka Durojaiye

– John Kendall, 1504

“Thank You Dr. Torres, for your work and dedication during your time as IMSA President! Good luck, health and happiness for any future endeavors.”
– Alf Bachhausen

“I feel both blessed and robbed to have gotten to “work with you” in U-46 and now at IMSA, both for a very short time. Your contributions to our students are GREATLY APPRECIATED and I acknowledge the amount of hard work and effort you have put in. Each decision you’ve made throughout your career has been made with your heart and I can only aspire to make the changes in education as you have. As an educator of color, I understand too deeply how far we have to go. I know you will continue this fight, even in your retirement, because you’re not really one to sit back and watch things happen. Enjoy your extended vacations in Puerto Rico, one of my favorite islands, and make the most out of your retirement.”
– Brittney Walker

“Thank you Dr Torres for your leadership and guidance in helping our students learn and grow to be better citizens. Wish you a very happy Retirement. Warm regards.”
– Anil & Reena Nigam, Hawthorn Woods

“Thank you for all your hard work and time at IMSA. Enjoy your retirement! May it be full of excitement as well as peaceful moments! Enjoy family and friends. Simply, enjoy!”
– Dr. Nicole Ross

“Thank you Dr. Torres for your big heart and the great vision that you have spread through my time at IMSA. There have been obstacles that were IMSA history makers that you lead IMSA to get through that were monumental such as – IMSAfluenza 2018, Operating an academy without a budget but still making sure we all got paid, Polar temperatures in 2019, Live-on staff (Res Life) raises ISSF, COVID-19 Pandemic and all of the many projects along the way. I appreciate the times that you ate lunch with the Res. Life staff and I over the years – asking us how we’re doing, calling us by name and for taking the time to attend our meetings. Thank you for your representation. You helped make this place better and I appreciate all your work.”
– Erin Ryan

“Thanks for your service! Wish you the best in your retirement!”
– Rangrong Ma

“Thank you for your hard work on improving IMSA over the past years! Your heart and effort you put into the school does not go unnoticed.”
– Anonymous

“Dr. Torres, Thank you for your leadership, dedication and for everything you have done for our IMSA kids. Congratulations on your retirement. Enjoy your family and friends.”
– Gabriella, Guilherme, Louise and Julie Lima

“Thank you”
– Alyssa Abendroth

“Thank you Dr. Torres!”
– Dash Leigh

“Thank you Dr. Torres!”
– Dash Leigh