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1. IMSA Community Engagements

1. IMSA Community Engagement

Students: In 2008, the Student Committee for IMSA Advancement (SCIA) was formed by then-student Kevin Crews.  SCIA is a select group of 20 students who focus on fostering relationships between students and legislators, alumni and donors.  In terms of its legislative focus, SCIA members, under the direction of IMSA’s advisors, engage legislators directly with IMSA students in meaningful ways, from panels to guest lectures in classes, where they experience first-hand the uniquely challenging education that has made IMSA a leading cutting-edge teaching and learning laboratory. SCIA students also work with the student body to send approximately 1,000 personal cards and letters each year to the state legislators of their hometowns, relaying both their IMSA experiences and achievements and their gratitude for the legislators’ support of IMSA.  The personal time spent connecting with students is a strong and essential part of our relationships with legislators, as the students are able to directly convey the impact of IMSA’s residential learning environment, primarily funded by taxpayer dollars.  More on the student-legislative outreach can be found here: Legislative Outreach

Alumni: Alumni play a key role in advancing our legislative strategy. They increasingly are asked to detail the impact of IMSA's learning environment on their college and career paths to legislators, as they, personally, provide the best evidence of the States' return on investment (ROI). Whether providing testimony before Appropriations Committees, or being highlighted in institutional documentation for their achievements, the role of alumni in advancing our legislative strategy is continually expanding. For alumni interested in legislative outreach, please contact us. 

Parents: A presentation on legislative relations is given annually at a Parent's Association Council (PAC) meeting, and we will be providing more of these presentations to parents in other venues in the near future.. Additionally, IMSA parents send personal notes describing the benefits of IMSA's educational and residential environment on their students.