Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.


IMSA Board of Directors


Dr. David Barr

Emeritus, Awarded in 2008
IMSA Tenure: 1987-2006

Director of Information and Communications Systems, 1987-1995

Director of Statewide Technology Initiatives, 1996-1998

Director of Online Learning, 1998-2004

Principal Investigator, 21st Century Information Fluency Grant, 2004-2006

Nominator’s Statement (Excerpt)

Dr. Connie Hatcher

Ambassador, Awarded in 2016
IMSA Tenure: 1986 – 2004

Vice President for Educational Programs and Services

Vice President for Teaching and Learning

Director of Personnel and Planning

Assistant to the Executive Director

Secretary of the Board of Trustees


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