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Computer Purchase Program {updated: 2013-06-06}

Computer Purchase Program:

Due to supply and demand of these laptop computers, IMSA strongly recommends that parents order a laptop for your student(s) no later than July 06, 2013. Any order placed after July 06, 2013 will run the risk of not being delivered in time for the start of the school year. This delivery delay could have a negative impact on your student's first days at IMSA.

ITS17-5, Virtual Desktop Interface, Phase 1

Project Home

Virtual Desktop Interface, Phase 1 (ITS17-5)


Project Scope:

The purpose of this project is to define user and technical needs to support the existing 1:1 Computer Program and possible future staff BYOD initiatives. Phase 1 of this project will focus strictly on end user needs and technical resource requirements to implement a VDI solution. This will be a multi-year project, multi-phased project.

Milestone Dates (subject to change):

ITS17-2, IMSA WiFi Improvements

Project Home

IMSA WiFi Improvements (ITS17-2)


Project Scope:

The purpose of this project is to review WiFi needs for the IMSA community, design and implement technologies that will improve reliability and accessibility for the IMSA community and guests. This project includes the complete re-design of the multiple existing WiFi networks currently in use at IMSA, ultimately to simplify access and support. This will be a multi-year project.


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