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IMSA’s Signature Strategy of Professional Development

IMSA offers professional development sessions on mathematics, science, technology, and pedagogy for pre-service and in-service educators and administrators. These professional development opportunities align with IMSA’s signature strategy of learning: Inquiry-Based, Problem-Centered, Competency- Driven and Integrative. Professional learning experiences include events held at IMSA, sessions presented at conferences, on-line courses and workshops delivered in schools across the state and beyond. Educator workshops can be customized to meet any school’s specific needs.

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Beginning Robotics to Ignite STEM Learning for Science, Mathematics, and STEM Teachers

  • Tuition: please contact us for information on pricing
  • Course Timeline: Begins February 10 – Ends March 6
  • Registration ends January 31, 2020

Materials needed:

  • Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Kit/Programming
  • Computer
  • Camera with video capabilities
Learn How to Build and Program LEGO Mindstorms and EV3 Robots

This course will cover how to use robotics to promote student engagement and conceptual understanding of mathematics, science and engineering. Our course activities are designed and based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) , Common Core Mathematics Standards, and the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) standards. Participants will receive micro-credentials upon completion of the course and course series.

The course is for science, mathematics and STEM teachers with little to no experience with Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics experience who would like to learn both robotics, STEM integration, application and PBIL pedagogy.

Both synchronous, which means participants must keep to a group schedule, and asynchronous, which allows them to determine their own pace.