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IMSA’s Signature Strategy of Professional Development

IMSA offers professional development sessions on mathematics, science, technology, and pedagogy for pre-service and in-service educators and administrators. These professional development opportunities align with IMSA’s signature strategy of learning: Inquiry-Based, Problem-Centered, Competency- Driven and Integrative. Professional learning experiences include events held at IMSA, sessions presented at conferences, on-line courses and workshops delivered in schools across the state and beyond. Educator workshops can be customized to meet any school’s specific needs.

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Professional Learning Experiences:

Gamifying Chemistry — October 1-31 —  Register HERE
Grade band: 9-12    Format: 100% Asynchronous     Cost $50.00     CPDUs: 3 hours
Games can be a fun and motivating way to engage students, but they are often used as a means to practice, apply, or review learned content instead of introducing a new concept. In this Learning Experience, educators will explore the use of common games as a tool for an inquiry-based approach to introducing topics in high school chemistry such as atomic structure and periodic trends.
Learning Outcomes include:
  • Engaging in different levels of games that introduce a new chemical concept
  • Identifying the focus and analyzing the structure of inquiry-based activities
  • Reflecting on how to engage students in making observations and recognizing patterns when teaching abstract chemical concepts
  • Applying strategies for modifying familiar games into student-centered, inquiry-based learning experiences
Sound and Circumstance — October 1-31 — Register HERE
Grade band: 6-8    Format: 100% Asynchronous     Cost $50.00     CPDUs: 3 hours
Sound and Circumstance looks at the science of sounds and its interaction with the brain.
Code of the Wild — October 1-31– Register HERE
Grade band: PreK-2    Format: 100% Asynchronous     Cost $50.00     CPDUs: 3 hours
Code of the Wild introduces teachers to Computational Thinking (CT) and demonstrates a method by which CT can be integrated with other K-2 subject areas.  The example given is a curriculum that guides students in the use of a programming language called ScratchJr.  Students use the free software to write stories about animals interacting with their environments in a realistic manner.  After being written, these stories are coded into computer animations using ScratchJr.  Teachers will learn that CT is more than just coding, but a problem-solving mind-set that is applicable to science, math, ELA, and any other problem-solving endeavor.  Learning outcomes include:
  • Learning to use ScratchJr
  • Developing ideas for integrating CT with other subject areas
  • Developing ideas for helping students improve their collaboration skills while using tablets or computers

In addition to these learning outcomes, teachers will exit the course with a five-hour integrative STEM curriculum they can use in their classrooms.

Problem Centered Teaching by Tomorrow — October 1-31 — Register HERE
Grade band: 9-12    Format: 100% Asynchronous     Cost $50.00     CPDUs: 3 hours
Complex, Meaningful, Open-ended.  In this learning experience, educators will embrace the definition of ‘Problem-Centered’ and transform a standard worksheet or lesson into a problem centered activity. Furthermore, we will discuss strategies for successful implementation and establish a community of support for both the writing and implementation processes.
  • Create a problem centered lesson or activity based on an academic standard
  • Identify and apply four strategies to successfully implement problem centered instruction
  • Reflect on lesson implementation with a professional learning community

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