E-Teaching Resources

The Center for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to supporting both teachers and parents (who will always be a child’s first teacher) throughout the year. Especially during this time of e-learning, our staff wants to provide as much support as possible.  On this page you will find a variety of resources including links to outside websites, a “Snack Box” of activities by grade level that can be done at home, short support videos, and an “Ask the Specialist” appointment feature where you can schedule a live video call with one of our professional development and curriculum specialists for help wherever you may need it.  We are all learning together and our team is here to help!

IMSA Snack Boxes

The Snack Box is designed for teachers and parents to provide STEM focused lesson or activity by grade level band.  New Snack Boxes will be posted each week.

STEM for the Whole Family (PreK-12)

Kindergarten – 2nd grade

3rd-5th grade

6th-8th grade

9th-12th grade