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Frightful Fun Funshop!

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Funshops are 2-hour, hands-on, fun-filled, STEM activities for students in grades 3-6. They are written by our fabulous IMSA curriculum writing team to capture your child’s natural curiosity and mimic the enterprise of doing real science.

Grades 3-4

Be prepared to race your fears! Creepy crawly cockroaches will become your test subjects as you experiment with different stimuli to see what really makes your cockroach move. The big finale will be races to see who has created the most enticing racing strategy for their roach!

Grades 5-6

Vampires are not the only creatures who gorge on blood! You will get to dissect sea lampreys, ghoulish parasites known to fee off the blood of other animals, and along the way discover how their special anatomy makes blood the perfect meal. The you will get to experiment with (fake) blood to learn about real blood’s cool properties!