FAQs - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


1. What is IMS?
2. Where are you located? What are your hours?
3. What's new in IMS?
4. How can I help out in IMS?
    Come and talk to us in B127. We'll be glad to have your help!

1. What equipment can I borrow from IMS? For how long?
2. What are the procedures for reserving or checking out IMS equipment?
3. How do I reserve equipment (e.g. microphones, etc.) for an upcoming event?
    Event sponsor: Contact Dottie Krett, Facilities Manager, at x5058 or dkrett@imsa.edu.

1. How do I request video recording, audio recording, or photography services?
2. How do I request help if I have a technical problem, question, or concern related to IMS equipment or services?
3. How do I prepare a poster for printing?
4. What can I laminate? How do I use the laminator? When is it available? Where?
5. What's the difference between a BrightLink and a SmartBoard?
6. How can I find videos or photos of past IMSA events?
    a. IMSA Audio & Video Archives
    b. IMSA Digital Commons
    c. IMSA Student Productions (ISP) website
7. IMSA Student Productions (ISP)
     What is ISP? 
     What do they do?
     What services do they provide?
     What do I need to know or be able to do to join ISP? How can I join?
     What's the connection between IMS and ISP?

Tutorials and Training
1. How do I request training on how to use IMS equipment?