Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.

Faculty and Staff Support

"When you love and believe in something, you are willing to spend both time and money to support it. For many years I made a modest onetime donation each year. About 12 years ago, I decided it would be easier to increase the amount a bit if I began monthly contributions. Although I have retired, I continue to believe in the difference that IMSA strives to make, so I continue to donate to the IMSA Fund," said Sue Eddins, Faculty Emerita at IMSA.

Each year, the Annual Fund Campaign gives every member of IMSA’s family an opportunity to make IMSA an even better place by making a financial commitment.  Your participation will carry a strong message to our board of trustees, alumni, parents and friends who are also asked to support the Academy through the annual fund. As an IMSA employee, you are the heart of the Academy.  Your commitment to supporting IMSA financially, in addition to your dedication and service, truly makes IMSA a better place.

Participation is viewed as going above and beyond the work you already put in. It is an opportunity to make a financial investment in the place you have already invested in personally.  The easiest way to participate is through payroll deduction.  Click here for more information and to pledge your support!

If you are currently donating through payroll deduction and need to make a change, please complete the IMSA Fund Employee Deduction Form.

For further information on faculty and staff giving, please contact us at (630) 907-5040 or