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PAC Meetings 2015-2016

The 2015-2016 PAC meeting schedule is online here.

The first regular PAC Meeting is Saturday, September 26

  • 9am – 10am: Academic & Student Life Meeting
  • 10am – 11am: General meeting (Ac Pit)
  • 11am: open discussion and then lunch with your student

Teleconference and Video Conference access information (pdf)

Friday Fest

Friday Fests are our opportunity to demonstrate our support for our students in a way that is most appreciated–with food!  Six times a year, generally the day before certain PAC meetings, parents band together to serve homemade to the student body.  The full schedule for the 2015-2016 school year will be available shortly.  More information on Friday Fests is also provided in the link. Here is a link for the Friday Fest Allergy Form. Please complete this form if you are bringing any food to the Fest!

Look at the IMSA Profile to See Which Colleges IMSA Grads Are Attending

Each year, the IMSA Profile is published by the CAC office with information about the academic programs, average test scores, and notable achievements of recent IMSA graduates. A complete list of colleges that the most recent graduates are attending is also part of the Profile. The latest edition of the Profile includes the academic achievements of the Class of 2014 and preliminary information about the Class of 2015. Go to:

The Profile also features information on the colleges and universities enrolling the greatest number of IMSA graduates over the past three years.

Senior Banquet (Class of 2016)

SAVE THE DATE!  The 2016 Senior Banquet will be held on Friday,  June 3, 2016.

Q & A – Information concerning the Banquet will be posted here.

Baby Picture Request – All seniors are requested to provide a baby picture.

For questions or to be involved, please reach out to the Senior Banquet Chair.

Supporting IMSA in Springfield

Dr. Jeff Margolis, IMSA’s Vice President for External Engagement, looks to IMSA parents and other IMSA constituencies to help advance the institution’s legislative charges and mission, as well as annual goals and priorities, through communications with members of the General Assembly.   

The IMSA Parent Association Council exists in order to enhance our children’s educational experience by working collaboratively with students, faculty, and administration in all aspects of academic and residential life at IMSA. We are committed to the belief that quality education can be achieved only through parental involvement and support.

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