Ms. Joyce Symoniak - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
IMSA's virtual campus is open with remote learning and working in effect for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester.

Ms. Joyce Symoniak

Fine Arts Faculty



Office: E107
Phone: x5916

Office Hours: B Days 4pm-5pm, I Days 2pm-3pm

Mod Term Course # Course Name Room #
1-2(A,C) S1 FAR416 Digital Photography E107
5(A-D) S1 FAR421 Scientific Illustration E107
6(A-D) S1 FAR450 3D Design Foundations E107
1-2(B,D) S1 FAR416 Digital Photography E107
7(I) S1 SLD200 Sophomore Navigation A147
1(A-D) S2 FAR411 Observational Drawing E107
2(A-D) S2 FAR402 Art and Design E107
5-6(A,C) S2 FAR435 Printmaking E107
5-6(B,D) S2 FAR416 Digital Photography E107