Employees Make a Difference at IMSA - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Employees Make a Difference at IMSA

All Payroll Pledge Donors as of April 30, 2019 receive:

  1. Invitation to Donor Appreciation Ice Cream Social in May*
  2. Entry into “VIP Parking Space for a Month” Lottery
  3. ID Badge Charm to recognize your generosity

For more information on giving, email Scott Kreiter at skreiter@imsa.edu.

“I give because I market the value of an IMSA education to students and families, not just because it’s my job, but because I believe in the ability of our students to make a difference in this world, as a result of the experience they have here at IMSA. When I give, it’s a tangible, financial representation of my commitment to that belief. Giving to IMSA is how I “put my money where my mouth is”.”

-Kelly Lofgren, M.B.A., Director of Admissions

“I give because it’s not just a job for me; I know that it is not enough to just give my time. I give to ensure that the missions and goals of IMSA can continue to progress toward the ultimate moment of enlightenment. I give because I know it matters.”

-Dennsa N. Mohamed, Equity and Inclusion Program Development Associate

“I give because paying “it” forward is important to me. I’ve had many opportunities in my life so I feel that contributing meaningfully to someone else’s potential experience is an obligation.”

-Dr. Joe Golab, Science Faculty

“I give because I love the students and I want to help give them opportunities that they may not get without the fund.”

-Dr. Anita Connors White, PROMISE Program Director

“I give because I’m a lifelong learner; a true believer in the power of education to empower people.”

-Dr. Linda Hefferin, Academic Support Specialist

“I give because I think an environment such as IMSA offers a platform for young students to grow into amazing people that will do amazing things. Our world needs that.”

-Jim Farrell, Accounting Services Manager

“I give because it’s easy. If my contributing could possibly make something easier for someone in our community, why wouldn’t I?”

-Angela Richardson, IRC Supervisor

“I give because IMSA has given so much to me, and I believe in its mission.”

-David McGovern, M.Ed., College and Academic Counselor

“I give because I believe in IMSA’s students and want to make their experience here a positive one!”

-Erin Micklo, English Faculty