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Legislators, Teachers, Students Celebrate Chicago Field Office Opening

IMSA welcomed government and community leaders to its Chicago Field Office Grand Opening at Beasley Academy Center recently, featuring enthusiastic state legislators and school officials who praised IMSA's history of nurturing talent development in mathematics and science.

Beasley Academic Center students participate in a states of matter science demo during IMSA's recent Chicago Field Office opening.
Illinois State Sen. Donne Trotter meets IMSA student Michelle Kinama and Illinois Rep. Elgie Sims shakes hands with IMSA student and Beasley alumnus George Harris. Also pictured are IMSA President Dr. Glenn "Max" McGee and Beasley Principal Kim Brasfield.

"We are so proud to announce the launch of our official partnership with IMSA," said Beasley Academic Center Principal Kim Brasfield.  "At Beasley we are inspired and motivated by IMSA's national and international acclaimed accomplishments in science because they exemplify higher standards of academic excellence," she added.

The Grand Opening of IMSA’s new Chicago Field Office was attended by several state legislators including Illinois State Senator Donne Trotter, Illinois State Senator Mattie Hunter, Illinois State Representative Ken Dunkin, Illinois State Representative Elgie Sims and Illinois State Representative Elect Christian Mitchell.

"IMSA has been the golden standard not just here in Illinois but in this country and in this world," said State Sen. Donne Trotter.  "For this (IMSA) program to be here on the south side of Chicago means a lot because it is the perception of great things happening in a neighborhood where ... unfortunately good things don't happen."

"IMSA you do a wonderful job," said State Sen. Mattie Hunter.  "This is a wonderful opportunity ... I really look forward to when you can put more programs in my district," she added.

In addition to a welcome and comments from state and local dignitaries, Beasley students participated in a hands-on science demo where they touched and explored concepts of the three common states of matter (solids, liquids and gases).  This helped them to a deeper understanding of the states and how different matter can move between them.

Rep. Ken Dunkin talked about what a great "return on investment" IMSA is.  "Their alumni keep on giving back," State Rep. Dunkin said.  "I love the return on investment and how you are outstanding here in our city, state and throughout the country."

Through its recently relocated Chicago Field Office, IMSA joins forces with Chicago Public Schools to deliver professional development in mathematics and science instruction that focuses on inquiry and discovery; provide after school, weekend and summer mathematics and science programs for students; and address local needs by building and sustaining relationships with the local Chicago community and coordinating mathematics and science programs with local organizations.

State Rep. Elgie Sims referred to the importance of education as the 'great equalizer' and how proud he was of the partnership.

"If you have an education you can change your condition and that's what IMSA really stands for," Rep. Sims said.

State Rep. Elect Mitchell, in addressing the Beasley students in the audience, spoke about the importance of this unique opportunity for them.

"This will not always be easy ... this is a committment ... but it's a really important committment and you can be anything you want to be with a program like this."

IMSA President Dr. Glenn "Max" McGee said his goal is for 'IMSA' to become a household name in the city of Chicago.

"We intend to be part of this community and we want to be a household word," Dr. McGee said.  "We want to work with teachers and help them because there are so many talented students here with unlimited potential."

The Chicago Field Office Grand Opening also was featured in the Chicago Crusader.

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