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Staff Member Co-Authors Article on Innovation-Centered Education

Deb Gerdes, Professional Development Leader for Problem-Based Learning at IMSA and ASCD’s PBL Network Facilitator, is the co-author of “The Students Have the Answers,” an article featured in the September 2009 issue of ASCD’s Educational Leadership.

Deb Gerdes, Professional Development Leader for PBL at IMSA and ASCD's PBL Network Facilitator.
Students from Lindblom Academy in Chicago share their ideas for enhancing dialysis equipment for children.

The article features the Illinois Innovation Talent Program (ILIT), a statewide public/private partnership to promote innovation-centered education and increase student achievement in mathematics, science and technology.

In the program, educators and students from 29 Illinois high schools worked as teams alongside industry, government and community experts from 29 business/organization partners to solve real-world problems.  Gerdes and co-author Ellen Jo Ljung, Facilitator of IMSA’s PBL Initiatives, and Jane Seidel and Karen Lindebrekke, IMSA Professional Development Specialists in PBL, delivered professional development in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) to educators involved in the project. 

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