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IMSAloquium Showcases Investigations

IMSAloquium 2011 featured 230 investigations by students participating in IMSA’s Student Inquiry and Research (SIR) program.

SIR enables IMSA students to pursue compelling questions of interest, conduct and present research findings of original research, engage in entrepreneurial applied science and technology activities, and collaborate with other students, mentors, scholars, researchers and inventors throughout the world. Topics covered a wide range of disciplines including biochemistry, bioengineering, biology, business, economics, engineering, law, mathematics, medicine, neurobiology, physics, social science and space science, among others.

Sample presentations included: 

Identifying Differences Between Normal and Cancerous Stem Cells

A Design For a More Efficient Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Development and Evaluation of a Prosthetic Ankle That Mechanically Adapts to Sloped Surfaces

Correlation of Print Advertisements, Self-Concept, and Body Image in Adolescent Girls

Designing Game Design

Stable Expansion of the Integers

A complete listing of IMSAloquium student research abstracts can be found at

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