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IMSA Seeking Applicants for Summer SEAMS Program

IMSA is seeking applicants for its summer residential enrichment program for underrepresented students.

The IMSA PROMISE (Providing Opportunities for Math and Science Enrichment) Program is designed to broaden minds and develop talent, interest and motivation for advanced studies in mathematics and science. SEAMS (Summer Enrichment for Academics in Mathematics and Science), one of IMSA’s PROMISE programs, is open to underrepresented minority students entering ninth grade in the fall.

This summer the Promise SEAMS program will begin Saturday afternoon, June 16, 2013 through Thursday afternoon, June 26, 2013 at IMSA.  The application process is competitive for this nominal fee ($50.00) program and the application deadline is April 19, 2013.  For application and program information, contact the IMSA Office of Admissions at 630-907-5028 or (800) 500-IMSA, or via e-mail at The application also can be downloaded at h

This two-week program is designed to improve students' mathematics, science, and English skills. Group inquiry and problem-solving are a primary focus in the academic curriculum.  In recent SEAMS programs, students learned exciting ways to apply mathematics and scientific principles by making slimy polymers, silly putty, rockets, CO2 powered race cars, catapults and hot air balloons.

In addition, the SEAMS program is held at the Academy and students participating in the program live in IMSA residence halls. Students gain an experience that simulates, to some extent, the experience of an enrolled IMSA student, focusing on interpersonal skill development.  They will also participate in team building courses as well as explore at museums and forensics laboratories.

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