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Inaugural Leon M. Lederman Frontiers of STEM Symposium Inspires Minds

The IMSA Great Minds Program®  recently hosted the Inaugural Leon M. Lederman Frontiers of STEM Symposium, an all-day event featuring distinguished physicists from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab).

 (l-to-r) IMSA President Dr. Max McGee, Fermilab Physicist Dr. Marcela Carena, IMSA Founder Dr. Leon Lederman, Fermilab Director Emeritus Dr. John Peoples and Fermilab Physicist Dr. Scott Dodelson.

The IMSA Great Minds Program® was launched in 1998 by IMSA Founder, Resident Scholar, and Nobel Laureate, Dr. Leon Lederman. It provides IMSA students and faculty, Illinois educators and students, and the public with opportunities to learn from, interact with and be inspired by the “greatest minds” of our time.

The Inaugural Leon M. Lederman Frontiers of STEM Symposium, held April 10, 2012, featured activities throughout the day including the Future of Physics panel discussion.  During the panel, physicists Dr. John Peoples, Dr. Scott Dodelson and Dr. Marcela Carena fielded questions from the IMSA community and invited guests.  The Future of Physics panel was featured in the Beacon-News.  To view the panel discussion online, visit

IMSA student Riva Trivedi asks a question during the Future of Physics panel discussion.


Students also had the opportunity throughout the day to attend sessions with the Fermilab physicists on Accelerator Building, Theoretical Physics and Cosmology. 

Learn more about these distinguished scientists and their past and current research work.

To learn more about the IMSA Great Minds Program, visit

 IMSA President Dr. Glenn W. "Max" McGee said the Inaugural Leon M. Lederman Frontiers of STEM Symposium will have a lasting impact on future generations.

"As the Founder and Inaugural Resident Scholar of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Dr. Lederman has left an indelible mark on the IMSA community and those we serve," said Dr. McGee.  "This annual event named in his honor will only contribute to his great legacy of furthering science education in Illinois and influencing generations to come."

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