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IMSA Faculty Emeritus Shares Passion for Teaching With Thailand Educators

IMSA Emeritus Faculty Member Dr. David Workman shared his passion for teaching while spending six weeks in Thailand recently.

Dr. Workman, a former IMSA science faculty member, presented a weeklong workshop on inquiry and problem-based learning to 39 teachers at the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching of Science and Technology (IPST) in Bangkok (IPST). IPST is the agency that is responsible for developing curriculum for schools throughout Thailand.

During his time in Thailand, Workman also spent two weeks at the Mahidol Wittayanusorn School (MWIT) in Salaya where he worked with teachers from seven different departments to develop a way to integrate more inquiry methods into their teaching. MWIT is the elite science and math school that takes students from all over Thailand, just as IMSA does for Illinois.

During the final two weeks in Thailand, Workman visited the Princess Chulaporn schools in Petchburi and Lopburi where he observed classes, taught a demonstration class, and presented a lecture on the inquiry methods he used as a science teacher at IMSA.  The 12 Chulaporn schools have recently been designated as Special Science Schools and have each been partnered with a sister science school in Japan. 

Dr. Workman expects to help facilitate this cooperative venture in his future visits to Thailand.

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