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Science in a Minute: IMSA Students Featured on WBEZ Radio Program

No challenge is too great for IMSA students--even when the Chicago Public Radio program Clever Apes asked them to explain topics such as natural selection, black holes and superfluidity in one minute or less.

IMSA Science Faculty Member Dr. Peter Dong prepares students for their radio debut on "Clever Apes."
IMSA students Jennifer Crawford, Miles Kovach and Natasha Arvanitis discuss the most important points to convey about black holes.

The WBEZ (91.5 FM) episode of Decoding Science aims to make complicated science topics easier to understand and explain.  During the show's recording, IMSA students Natasha Arvanitis, Jennifer Crawford, Nathan Geldner, Matt Gietl, Miles Kovach, Irina Pushel, Sam Smith and Matt Yang prepared their answers under the careful guidance of IMSA Science Faculty Member Dr. Peter Dong.

The story IMSA Students Tackle Tough Questions features audio recording of students not featured in the Decoding Science Podcast.

The Podcast of the show Decoding Science features an interview with a University of Chicago professor and his wife, followed by IMSA students at the end explaining difficult science concepts in one minute or less.

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