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IMSA Energy Center Fuels STEM Education

A mobile Energy House, bio-diesel production unit and a wind turbine/solar panel are just some of the latest projects IMSA students are working on in the IMSA Energy Center.

The IMSA Energy Center, under the leadership of IMSA science faculty member Branson Lawrence, has become a place where imaginations soar, ideas are sparked and put into action, and dreams come true.

"The Energy Center is a place where students meet to create tangible products for a more sustainable future for all," Lawrence said.  "Equally important, the IMSA Energy Center is sparking the imaginations of future engineers and scientists," he added.

This year, IMSA students working in the Energy Center have already finished many of the details of the mobile Energy House and have showcased it to hundreds of students and parents from the greater Aurora area.  In addition, IMSA students have begun working on a large vertical shaft wind turbine/solar panel installation to power lights and low voltage electronics in IMSA's main building. 

Funding through the IMSA Fund for Advancement of Education already has provided a solar-powered laptop charging station, another lesson in energy savings for students.  Other initiatives underway include multiple wind generators, bike generator and a biodiesel lawn mower.

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