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IMSA Community Shines

By Linsey Crowninshield, Assistant Director of Student Life:  Leadership and Service

Being bald was 'in' during the week of February 22nd-26th as the IMSA community rallied behind Shine On, an event to raise awareness and funds for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Seniors (l-to-r) Dawna Bagherian, Elizabeth Richardson and Vashti Aguilar show off their new look while sophomores Katia Colin and Katta Lakshmi take their turn.
IMSA Seniors Sam Groesch and Gabi Heller proudly smile for the camera. 

Shine On raised almost $7,000 and more than 50 students and staff shaved their heads in support of fellow community members and families who have fought or been touched by cancer. The event included advocacy programs to educate the student body as well as several social events and of course, the shaving of heads.

Faculty and staff scalps went up for auction or raffle and students solicited contributions from local businesses and communities, spreading the word that 'Bald Is In' and Cancer is on its way out! Guests from the Tiny Sparrow Foundation documented the event through still photography. Visit their site to experience the event at

Shine On would like to give a special thanks to their sponsors:
Sodexo-raising more than $1,000 in support
Cole's Hair Salon
Hair Cuttery
Kid's Snips
American Outfitters
Tiny Sparrow Foundation

As well as donations from:
Luigi's Pizza
Taylor Street Pizza
Jimmy Johns

Donations are still being accepted to support Shine On. Please visit for more information.

If you are interested in facilitating an event similar to Shine On on your campus or in your community, information, resources, and educational pieces are available.  Please e-mail: with your inquiries.

The Shine On Team wants to thank the IMSA community for their altruistic spirit and thank the brave heroes that bared their scalps in support of this great cause!

Thank you for Shining So Bright IMSA!!!!

By Linsey Crowninshield, Assistant Director of Student Life:  Leadership and Service