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IMSA Scholastic Bowl Team Celebrates Impressive Record of Achievement

With thousands of problems and hours of practice behind them, IMSA’s Scholastic Bowl team finished the year with an impressive record of achievement to add to the IHSA record books.

IMSA Scholastic Bowl team members (l-to-r) Sai Parepally, Bayo Bankole, Bonny Jain, Weili Zheng, Mike Wong and Rose Sloan take time out for a photo following their third-place win at the IHSA State Tournament.

The IHSA (Illinois High School Association) Scholastic Bowl competition began in 1987 and IMSA currently holds the record for most state titles won with eight (the last one in 2001).  This year was the first time since 2001 that IMSA qualified for the IHSA State Tournament so for first-time coach and mathematics teacher Noah Prince, the team’s third place win at the State Final Tournament was especially gratifying.

“Having not been a power in recent years, we were ranked very low all year, which gave us a tougher road to the top than other teams,” Prince said.  For Prince and assistant coach Tony DiMarzio, the hard work paid off.  “Throughout the year during the match, regional and sectional competitions, there were thousands of problems students had to answer,” Prince said.  “We were already extremely strong in math and science questions and this year, the team worked very hard to round themselves out in literature and fine arts as well.”

IMSA Scholastic Bowl team members included:

Bayo Bankole, Yan-Yang Feng, Webster Guan, Jialin Huang, Bonny Jain, Adam Kalinich, Alekya Kothamasu, Vignessh Kumar, Benjamin Kuo, Xiaoyu Li, Sarah Lisk, Erik Luo, Nolan Maloney, Madhav Mohandas, Perry Nelson, Eric Ordonez, Sai Parepally, Urmi Sheth, Rose Sloan, Steven Suh, Mike Wong, Weili Zheng.

More than 500 Illinois high schools currently participate in IHSA Scholastic Bowl.  Topics covered in the competition include: Math (Algebra, Geometry, Calculus); Science (Biology,Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth Science); English (Grammar and Usage, Spelling, Literature); Social Studies (History, Geography, Economics); and Other (Pop Culture, Current Events, Driver's Ed, Home Economics, Religion and Mythology, Philosophy), with questions spread equally among each of the main topics.  In addition, some of the questions students had to answer were interdisciplinary in nature, requiring them to apply knowledge of one discipline to another.  

Prince said he is looking forward to his second year of coaching, and already has plans for continuing to improve upon this year’s results.

“Next year, we will attend more tournaments, particularly those with stronger competition,” he said.  

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