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IMSA Student Research Work Receives Media Coverage

The 22nd Annual IMSAloquium, the Academy’s premier student research showcase, is featured in the Elgin Courier-News and the Daily Herald.   View the story 'IMSA Students Showcase Their Stuff' here and the story 'IMSA Students Present High Level Research Studies' here.

IMSA students discuss their research findings during the IMSAloquium 2010 poster session.
Student Nicole Runkle discusses her research Paracingulate Gyrus Influences Cognition, Negative Symptoms, and Personality in   Schizophrenia.

IMSAloquium 2010, held April 28, featured the research findings of more than 270 students involved in IMSA’s Student Inquiry and Research program, which enables them to pursue compelling questions of interest, conduct and present research findings of original research, engage in entrepreneurial applied science and technology activities, and collaborate with other students, mentors, scholars, researchers and inventors throughout the world.  

Topics covered a wide range of disciplines including biochemistry, bioengineering, biology, business, economics, engineering, law, mathematics, medicine, neurobiology, physics, social science and space science, among others.

Sample presentations included:

Radium Contamination in Drinking Water and the Growing Demand for Lake Michigan

The Development of a Method of Early Diagnosis for Parkinson’s Disease

Genetic Implications of Schizophrenia

Developing Smartphone Applications

The Role of Futures Contracts in the Commodities Markets

The Societal Aspects of Technological Advancement

A complete listing of IMSAloquium student research abstracts can be found at

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