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IMSA Announces New Sophomore Class

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy welcomed 224 Illinois students as members of its sophomore class, the Class of 2013.    

The class represents schools and communities from throughout the state of Illinois.  Admission to IMSA’s residential college preparatory program is competitive.  The average SAT mathematics and critical reading scores for this years’ invited class, most of whom are high school freshmen, are 675 and 612 respectively. These scores are significantly higher than the national averages for college-bound seniors, one indication of the applicants' strong credentials.  Enrolled students include 117 girls and 107 boys.

IMSA President Dr. Glenn W. "Max" McGee welcomed IMSA’s newest sophomore class.

“The state of Illinois can be proud of  IMSA’s reputation for providing talented students with a world class education, one that is sought after by prospective students and their families,” Dr. McGee said.  

IMSA Principal Dr. Eric McLaren said the newest sophomore class represents the Academy's commitment to identify and attract talented mathematics and science students from throughout the state.

“These students' guidance counselors and teachers should be commended for helping and encouraging them to develop their mathematics and science abilities," Dr. McLaren said.  "IMSA is committed to serving talented young students by immersing them in a program that ignites and nurtures creative, scientific minds that advance the human condition." 

The internationally recognized Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy® (IMSA) develops creative, ethical leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  As a teaching and learning laboratory created by the State of Illinois, IMSA enrolls academically talented Illinois students (grades 10-12) in its advanced, residential college preparatory program, and it serves thousands of educators and students in Illinois and beyond through innovative instructional programs that foster imagination and inquiry. IMSA also advances education through research, groundbreaking ventures and strategic partnerships. (

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